Every day is a fight

War business pt 1

NOTE 1: This is only my way of thinking and my opinion, I don’t want to force anyone to think this way. You can be as offended as you like but I also have the full rights to remove any comment I don’t want to have here. Constructive comments will come through and I won’t ban anyone because of his/her different opinions. Just want to filter spam. “Hatemail” is spam.

NOTE 2: This is only the half of what I wanted to post, but don’t want these too long. If you are not interested in americans, moles or building up finnish military sector just skip this post and read more in the next one. (It’s more about EU, where it fails and where it has it’s strengths.)

NOTE 3: I excuse me for the errors, I have not checked all the information I write about, I don’t know any facts, only what I see around me. (Mutu in finnish. O_o)

This all begun long time ago. I have never been the peace in person, but I bottled it as it was necessary.

So, we begin here with that news about Obama and Bush. Obama is accused from gliding into Bush’s camp in the battle against terrorism. So fucking what? I too was very pleased when Obama won the election, but things have started to change for me. I knew from beginning Obama won’t be able to fulfill all or even a small part of his promises. People wanted a change, but it’s not possible in this world to have one that easy. Changes need time. One man can’t do that alone, and very soon it became visible that Obama isn’t any different from the others. He has his ideals, but in a country like USA, it’s so big and to that each one of it’s sub-states has their own laws, it’s very difficult to set through changes.

It is that in any other country it’s the same. The small ones just have it a little bit easier as they have concentrated leading and the same laws go for the whole land.

Anyway, I used to be against Bush cause “it was the right thing to do”. That thinking was accepted. All others were seen as NATO-war-freaks. Obama has not been able to remove Guantanamo from the world map. But why should he? For me it’s OK. It seems logical that war criminals (and what are terrorists?) are being judged in army court. These terrorists have begun a war against the western world. But again, so what? I don’t think they are doing anything wrong either. They are fighting for their freedom, rights of their folk and for publicity to their ideals. My point here is that I don’t think war is wrong. I know just anyone I know will strongly disagree. If I say war is OK it also means to them I think killing is OK. (In some contexts it is, actually.) People complain too much about what’s wrong or not, they forget how this world is being run.

It’s being run by money.

And what is the best and most effective way to make money? War.

Many of us have learned is school about the mole population that is regulated by how many predators are around. Nature. In nature everything is constantly moving in a form of a wave. When the year offers a lots to eat the mole population grows and is giving possibility for many predators to survive. If there’s not enough food less moles exists and also the predator population sinks. There’s a certain point in the top of the curve, in which the mole population has reached it’s highest amount. After that it sinks.

The amount of food is hanging together with each year’s amount of rain and the weather conditions. Sun has it’s periods, sometimes it is stronger, sometimes weaker and the radiation raises and sinks. This is part of the nature’s up and down movement. This is the basic which gives animals and humans the chance to survive.

Even if we want it or not, this up and down movement is guiding our life. Great cultures grow up, reach their highest level of development and then they fall and fade away. The history is telling us so much. And most of us never see the connection.

When forest is burned down it renews itself, plants and trees gather new nutrients from the ground, the ash gives them a new life. In funerals the priest says “from the earth you came, and to earth will you become” (sorry, couldn’t find a traslation). Every single living thing on earth is born and has to die, become part of the earth again. The same way when a civilization dies it gives birth to a new one. When we experience war it also has a renewing effect. Land and cities get destroyed, but afterwards everything’s built up again to become even better and bigger, the economy is given a giant boost, there are lots of work to be done that creates lots of new jobs, because the old money is now worthless a new money is being launched, and after some years of suffering from the war effects and getting used to the new money the development shoots up again. This is a basic outcome of every worldwar. And the small ones follow the same rule. It’s the up and down movement of the universum.

So, this is why war is necessary. It renews our world. And to get there lots of new equipment, weapons, soldiers etc. are needed. Again lots of new jobs to build up all that. Today even the smallest conflict can provocate a nuclear war. I’m not worried about that. The humankind will survive. We are worse than the worst weed. But today it’s the military industry that’s the saviour of our economy. We need a new war. There has not been a big one since 30’s and 40’s. (Vietnam and Irak don’t count.) Our civilizations development has stopped, we have reached the highest point of the curve. Before us we see a deep fall.

To prevent that to happen we need something new. Too many countries have gone bankrupt after endlessly lending money from others. The EU is right now going that way. It has been led wrong way since the beginning. (I come back to this later.)

To the economy to survive the money needs to be in constant movement. We need to advertise our lands to get investors and buyers for our goods and technology. The best way to advertise is to make us visible on the world map. Let’s take Finland as example. This is a small country with much dept, no jobs, most of the people are living around the capital and the rest is not going to survive very long. The worsened economic situation has brought all kinds of social problems. The state has not enough money to feed all those who have no job or are too sick to work (me included, :P). The rest of the money is being put in wrong places. It’s useless to endlessly invest in the social sector. There must be another possibility change the society to a happier one. Those living from social support only get the money. No support in their daily problems. There’s not enough doctors or therapists, it’s too expensive to visit one anyway, and they move to f.e. Norway to get more money for their work. New ones are coming from Russia and Baltic. But how to pay them when there’s nothing left? It’s irony that even when the social sector’s costs are being cut all the time it’s also the one who’s getting the most attention and eating most of the country’s money. (I don’t know, I guess.) When social sector is not OK the whole society is suffering. And there’s this problem again: to end that suffering there’s no money. It’s soon not even enough to pay politicians. Money we would get with the right advertising.

But instead we are doing it totally wrong. We are trying to squeeze the last drops from all the traditional and kitsch goods, and today even the “high developed technology”. They won’t last long. Everyone in the world knows already about Moomin, Pisa (that’s lying anyway as the test is only made with a very narrow sector and does include only the best) and 10 000 seas. It’s so boring. It’s only tourist attraction, it’s not bringing in the big money that’s needed to safe our economy. Those who invest in finnish technology soon notice they don’t find a market here. No-one has money to buy. And as Finland already has the reputation of not having anything useful for big business there are no new ones coming. So, again that thing with advertising.

If the traditions and arts or even the once so clean nature aren’t enough there must be something else. We must do, not just watch.

We should join NATO. Take part in it’s missions, build up the military section instead of cutting it down too. Take part in more UN missions. Show we are strong. Become good friends with the big countries, like USA. So what if those pacific people say we are already the 53rd state. EU wanted to be a replacement for NATO (?) but it has failed, and there’s no time to find a new branch to cling to. Only advertising is bringing the money to move. When everything is drained there’s only the neglected military sector. There is enough place to build bigger training camps. There are possibilities to use modern technology and knowledge. This is the right time to invest in that. The world is all the time in a small war, it’s a good chance to make us visible. War is renewing, it boosts up our economy, we get investors, money flows in, public sectors can be built up again to secure the people a good life quality.

This is the end of part 1. Next time we take a closer look at the EU and try to find an excuse for this pro-military talk. O.o

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