Every day is a fight

Norway, now in HD

THIS IS NOT FUN. I DON’T mean to offend anyone. Just my opinion to this one more shitty reason to move out of Earth into some other planet. If this stuff doesn’t make a sense blaim it on my cat and 2NE1.

1. I do not accept terror with ANY excuse.

2. But I don’t see a reason why people now attack others who like to own and use guns on their free time, just because of this one idiot.

The laws are already impossible. But making them more strict HAS NOT had any effect on preventing crimes. It has only increased the amount of illegal guns from which criminals profit. So, where’s the point? If someone wants to commit an act of terror he/she will do it by any means, that is, he/she will find the weapons anyway, police can do nothing if they don’t know. And: how would they know if there’s no warning? To be most effective NO-ONE warns his/her victims. Unless they want publicity. Many acts of terror have been done ONLY to get publicity to whatever ideals or wicked isms.

OK I see my brain can’t handle this right now. Might get back to this later. Whatever. Maybe I just wanted to get this out of my head. Politicians have been pulling rope about the gun law already for long. Stop it please and do something to those things that are REALLY wrong and unfair. Create a REAL punishment system for racists. They walk out free and their victims suffer and fear for the rest of their lives. Build up a WORKING healthcare system and renew the taxation to fairer for those with low income. Secure religious and sexual freedom, food and chances to be happy for everyone. Is it so difficult to be fair? Money runs this world, I predict economic freedom myself, but it has to make sense. Nations can gather money by taking part in wars, but inside their society should function. Right now the money is not being used to what it should be, this nation along many others has been malfunctioning for very long time already.

But the problem should not be solved by controlling every move of every citizen, every euro they spend and every item they buy. People should be allowed to have fun too. To treat the sickness only helps as first aid. For decades it’s only been first aid that people in need of help get. No-one has intentions to cure the source of the sickness.

So, if you want to fight crime, fight it’s roots. Treating only the sickness (that is simple like a viral infection: you cannot heal it only with medication against symptoms, you have to kill the virus too) is no help. Treating it’s roots and working to prevent the sickness from spreading out is the CURE we need.

Only, nobody wants to use the cure as they know it will lessen the need of control and punishments. We live in a politically sadistic society. They don’t want us to be happy and free.

I’m not a nationalist, not an extremist and no terrorist. I like guns but is there really a NEED to make that a crime?

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  1. Here’s a related link I just came across that you might find interesting: Aselain hiplaajat (in Finnish).

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