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Message to the world

September 24, 2011

Nothing, just wanted to share a link: And by the way, why are we calling the third world countries “developing countries”? Think about it from another point of view: aren’t those countries actually perfect? They are what all countries should be. They make progress. The world should not stand still, it was meant to […]

I need a place to hide

September 21, 2011

19.9.2011 Place to hide. I need one. I dream about such every now and then, lately several times. It’s a large room in an abandoned building, maybe school or factory. Dusty, full of dirt, old cloth or curtain on the wall or at the windows. It’s dark, windows are dirty, it’s smelling like an old, […]


September 18, 2011

Long time no see, and I have been up to something I’ll post about later. Today it’s been a physical hell. Not only the main food problem of being unable to eat, also the food doesn’t stay where it should – it comes out latest half an hour after it got swallowed. And not from […]

Call me Santa Muerte

September 12, 2011

AND DON’T YOU SHOW ME ANY FUCKING PICTURES OF FOOD OR I KILL YOU!! This means: a couple of hours it went all well on sedatives when I took it in time, and now I begin to fall straight down, fast and endless. Today: new medication changes. Again. Next Tuesday lab, next Friday first time […]

Project Colourful ver. 1

September 11, 2011

Just came here to post this. Made the pics yesterday and put them together today. Have to do this again later propably as now I can’t change the background color anymore. :P Also, I get back to this when I have time, but this week was fully booked and next week is too. Happy beginning […]

My Wednesday

September 8, 2011

My Wednesday: NOTE: Photos get bigger! I didn’t try to wake up “early” or “in time”. Left here half past two and drove the way I haven’t been driving with bike since many years. The beginning is up hill all the time. Not steep but very long. Never loved that, but the other way there […]

Somewhere I belong

September 6, 2011

That song is a part of me, but originally I wanted to dig deeper on themes of this article. All about this theme is making me more than just a bit uncomfortable. I remember the times I was in school… And how nothing has changed. Nothing. Things have only gone worse since. I have not […]