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Message to the world

Nothing, just wanted to share a link:

And by the way, why are we calling the third world countries “developing countries”? Think about it from another point of view: aren’t those countries actually perfect? They are what all countries should be. They make progress. The world should not stand still, it was meant to move. The western countries (often also called civilized or with other terms meaning being lightyears ahead) – they stand still. They have not been moving anymore since the first economic collapse after WW2. WE ARE THE THIRD WORLD. Those others bypassed us decades ago. We are what’s left behind of the civilization.

Yes, old forgotten dumps on poisoned ground with mutated plants and insects and polluted air. The big wave of success rolled over us long ago, even our minds are drained from all that’s productive or constructive any sorts.

We try and reach higher every time we want to succeed. That’s the path to decay. The growth can not continue forever. We are just too blind to see that our growth has stopped years ago. Our economy and state models are constructions of a dying anthill. Soon it will be completely abandoned and slowly rot away, forgotten in a dark history.

But there’s a solution, a way out of the darkness. We don’t need to completely abandon the “modern way of life”, we should just invest in something stable that doesn’t lose it’s worth. Put people to work that helps us all:

Invest in biological farming and meat producing, in small family companies, small shops that sell only a certain kind of good – goodbye to big supermarkets and cheap zero quality food. Food is a big part of our life quality. If our food is better in nutrition and healthier for us, the animals and nature it also helps cure our souls. Ban the fast food from the shelfs – instead let people sell their homemade food on the street for those who have no time to cook by themselves.

Encourage people to energy saving in household and work. It needs a bit creativity to force everyone to use an environment friendly car, like, there could be parks or racing areas where people can rent a fast or off-road car and drive around for a day. Children should be taught in school from the first class on how to be environment friendly and creative in their life. Don’t use the old excuse “it’s so expensive”. Nothing is too expensive when it’s about survival. But for this we need government that can make these decisions and leaders who are ready to give up their luxury for the good of the whole community.

Why can’t we talk with each other anymore? When we talk many problems are taken care of before they have chance to develope to big and dangerous. Why is it so hard to ask for help? To say thank you? This society raised us up to never trust anyone. There’s not just one person or our parents or leaders to blaim: it’s the whole “civilized western world” and it’s disastrous hunger for success and money. Money can’t bring back those who made suicide. Money can’t take away the pain of losing someone, of being lost and seeing no way out.

I watched a very touching film a few days ago: Nausica√§ of the Valley of the Wind, by Hayao Miyazaki. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch, and if you have, go watch it again. It tells us something school books never did. But this wisdom is still in us, buried deep, but it still exists in our common memory. Because that memory has been there for as long as there have been people on this earth, thinking creatures. Even animals have a part in it, plants and the ground itself. The truth is here, in the air we breathe, we just have to open our eyes to see it.

If you think the same way link to this post, or copy this idea and spread it.

If not at least share the link and try to pass it on to everyone you know.

Thank you for reading. Peace.

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