Every day is a fight

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We could still rise above them all

November 21, 2011

Throw your hands up for… ABB. I found something, a website, that makes me really happy cause it’s bad for my addiction. It’s not heroin but let’s say cocaine. ^o^ Earlier today I watched the Cold Case -series with one interesting and one stupid case, and got the sparkle to search for that one guy […]


November 14, 2011

Solomon’s song. Ever read that book? From Toni Morrison. I read it several years ago and it haunted me all those years til today. On weekend again those same conversations with my parents. It’s SICK how our family reminds me of the twisted relationships of people in that book. They had a major fight on […]


November 7, 2011

Sitamar is like Galadriel but dark, with a black dress, black flowers blooming in her ash-grey hair. In her soul Sitamar is like Galadriel, wise and strong, but in the present Sitamar is so full of hatred, it’s leaking out of her every word and dropping like thick blood over her lips when she speaks. […]

Bi toe emshab (second try)

November 2, 2011

(That’s a song by Behnam Safavi.) (Second try because I had written a long and energy drink -fuelled post about all possible things mainly relationship and interior design related – and then Maru FUCKING MANAGED TO DELETE THE WHOLE SHIT. I’m angry, but tired angry. Can’t change it anyway so it’s no use to yell […]