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Lift off

January 26, 2012

How could it be wrong to enjoy something this beautiful? Just listen to this music and watch all this war happening. Who said war can’t be beautiful? It is. Stop. Look around. It is. — My SEALs knife arrived today and I got it from post office. I love it. Propably no surprise… I spent […]


January 21, 2012

Voting time. (Tomorrow.) In times like this I feel like I’m in the world behind the Matrix and everybody else is living in the fake Matrix. And they don’t realize it! It’s just a giant bubblebath of entertainment that was created to keep them silent and satisfied as they have no idea it’s all just […]

Juliet: My first hardcore porn (meme)

January 19, 2012

Today in Youtube… Maybe tasteless, but I just HAD TO do this… xD It took an hour to edit, so it better be good! Feel free to share if you like. ;) P.S. You know, what you put in the internet never disappears, and other people are free to do whatever they want with that […]

Peach and cucumber

January 12, 2012

That’s good food. There’s someone I’d like to ask something, but I’m afraid he’d turn me down. Cause it’s almost like I’d ask him for a date… And I have never asked anyone out for date. I don’t want to be turned down so I let the guys do all the decisions. ┬áThis person I’d […]


January 6, 2012

Two days ago I had a dream that I almost died. I was talking with someone or doing something (fun?) and then passed out. Legs didn’t carry me anymore. That happened THREE times. Each time I woke up weaker, and the final time I woke up in hospital bed with tubings going to my both […]