Every day is a fight


Voting time. (Tomorrow.)

In times like this I feel like I’m in the world behind the Matrix and everybody else is living in the fake Matrix. And they don’t realize it! It’s just a giant bubblebath of entertainment that was created to keep them silent and satisfied as they have no idea it’s all just theatre.

Finland has got it’s own Obama. His name is Pekka Haavisto and he is gay.

There’s a giant media turbulence going on around him and lots of people are going to vote him for president. He’s popular thanks to the long and dead boring gay rights conservation that has been going on the past year in media and internet.

But hey, can’t you see? He’s just a simple BUBBLE, just like Obama! Haavisto is made popular just to entertain us and make us believe that a person of a minority could reach something truly big and, like, become a president despite his “minority”. (Which in Obama’s case isn’t a minority at all. O_o) It’s all just a big show. It doesn’t play a role that he really might be a good politician. That’s not what made him popular.

As president he will not be able to change ANYTHING, and soon people will start to doubt him. You have all seen this happening with Obama (I was happy to see him win the election too, I admit, but I never believed he could become a kind of freedom fighter president, a mighty hero who makes people come together and love each other). And if Haavisto wins we will see it happening with him. His supporters will bath in the bubbles of publicity and fame, love being the centre of attention, but that is as good of a career carriage as a single feather is for a block of lead. Very soon it will all turn to dust.

But they won’t see it until it’s too late. And that’s how the Matrix always succeeds to fool people. They won’t see it’s fake until afterwards.

And this is why I’m not supporting a gay president, how good he might ever be as a politician.

In this world nowadays it’s just the looks and the fame that makes people form their opinion. They don’t look into the qualifying anymore, like when we now write an appointment for a working place we have to SELL OURSELF to the company and make them find interest in how we praise ourselves and beg for the job. Nobody cares if we really have the right qualities or even needed education. So are also politicians just selling themselves to the media and the one who’s shouting the loudest wins. Idiots can get to important positions to decide for the future of our country just by having the right looks or sweet words.

Not that I’m saying Obama or Haavisto are idiots, they are both good and qualified politicians, only that’s not what interests people or makes them choose. It’s the entertainment.

So, I’m once again going to vote with my ass by leaving it seated tomorrow.

I was told that if I’m not understood with the candidates I should give my voice to the party I think earns it. But none of them actually does. In today’s political spectre there’s no party that speaks to me. I’m forced to put myself in the middle section but there’s no liberal party in Finland. Well, there’s something called “The Middle” (Keskusta) but it’s just an excuse for being there for nothing. And it’s still mildly right wing. My thinking mixes ideals from both left and right wing and everything is dual and depends on my mood.

But that was not what I wanted to talk about now. It’s not important cause I don’t have an own party to promote. And I’m not going to give my voice to just some party only because other people say I should do so just for the sake of having a vote to give.

I’m not going to vote for a bubble created by media for entertainment, and if there’s no appropriate other candidate I pass. That’s all what I wanted to say. I refuse being a part of this sick comedy. You others can vote whatever you please and I will have to be happy with the result, whatever it is, but don’t think your “radical” choice will change anything in this country.


Thanks for listening. Next time I won’t write about politics, I promise. ;)

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