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Cry for blood

April 26, 2012

Just to say I’m so close to kill someone it will be a miracle if I make it over the holidays without soaking my hands and knife in fresh warm blood. Nothing helps to this. I don’t get the images out of my head – and I don’t want to. I’ll tell you what happens […]

Babel fish

April 14, 2012

I need one to put in my ear. Cause I now have not 3 languages to deal with, but 4. Finnish, german, british and american english. Talking with brits I use british way of writing words, with americans the american way. Got a new friend on Facebook. He talks a bit fast. I can type […]

Old stuff, beware

April 11, 2012

NOTE: MAY CONTAIN OFFENSIVE MATERIAL. IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE PLEASE LEAVE NOW (and never come back har har xD). Thought I’d post a couple of old pics. Was in school today, wanted to leave after lunch but was kinda forced to stay cause our cooking teacher said there’s a special gluten free dessert for me […]

Two people

April 7, 2012

A very short Easter visit from my parents and sister. They brought food and juice. Dad was very nervous the whole time here and criticized the giant work I did yesterday and this morning to clean it up here to look at least a bit normal. It’s such a luck he doesn’t know how it […]

I’m so sorry

April 1, 2012

Talked a bit with A, it made me happy he was on, but it made me sad too that he’s not feeling well. It’s better for him to rest now and recharge, and hopefully his pains get better during sleep. But the little talk just left me even more lonely than I was before. I […]