Every day is a fight

Summer comes…

That means many warm nights spent outside doing different kind of things. That is what it should mean at least. I should not just sit inside at computer. :P

Found a great website today: Allycat Metal Ware. ;) Go check it out! Full of cool stuff to spend money on!

But I spent money on something else today. Filled my Nomination bracelet with 6 new pieces, that makes it almost complete, just one missing – although after I saw the new grey pieces I want to change all the silver ones with grey ones. Mine has now 4 grey pieces, a fish bone, “that goa sign” (I don’t know what it actually means but is used a lot in buddhist stuff and Goa trance CD’s) (and all those four are new), black turtle which is my feng shui animal, the sign of perfection and letter combi P90. One silver plate is free to be changed to something, when I decide what it’ll be.

That made some 45 euro. Then I went to buy food stuff and it was also around 45 euro because of the glue (7,95), turpentine (3,90), cat sand (4,90) and expensive chocolate (and all these 6 items were extra).

Maru was sleeping and now he’s jumping around again. And I should be sleeping! Tomorrow early awakening. Heh, Maru just walked over the printer and shut it on. He keeps doing that.

I got last week this award:

I have gotten it earlier and answered the questions. But I thought I could just make it again. Just need to feed someone first…

Thanks goes to Termostaattori who gave it to me. It’s been going around a lot, whoever wants can take it, and here 7 random facts:

1. I’m definitely going to move out of this country within next 6 or 7 years.

2. I’m very interested in finding a new partner, but I’m not much looking around, and I’m not looking for someone from Finland. I don’t mind in which country I live (as long as it’s Western Europe or US) if I find someone to live with.

3. I love milk. I have always been drinking milk and I can’t live without it!

4. As a cat person I’ve been surprised by my own dog fever. I want a dog, and definitely more cats after Maru! And fishes!

5. My house is a giant mess at the moment and I seem to be unable to clean it up. Which sucks. I know I MUST do it, but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier to start. I know it looks horrible, and I try to find excuses if someone sees it, and still I’m not able to keep it clean here.

6. I love cities at night. I love to go out and walk the streets and see people and nightlife, and when I should leave and go home I do it reluctantly, I’d love to stay and have fun till the morning comes. When I go home after a party or a visit somewhere or seeing people I feel so empty and cold inside, it feels like a part of me was removed. If I have to talk to many people I might be very tired and need time on my own, but parties with good music and dancing my heart out fill me with energy. I’m very much looking forward moving to Helsinki next year!

7. When I get to know new people they very fast become important. There are some to whom I develop trust within few hours/days/immediately. I trust my stomach with people. It usually is right about them. I’m not bothered by having mostly male friends, I get along with them better than women. I also have more in common with guys. ;) I don’t mind dirty jokes and it’s easy for me to be something like a “buddy”, they don’t see me as a woman. Of course I hope this will not come in the way when dating guys… I think a relationship should base on friendship because there’s so much more than just sex. Actually, sex is just bonus. ;)

So, that’s about it. I was out yesterday and on Saturday like mentioned. Yesterday I met my sis and we talked about the apartment seeking process which we will start now in June. We baked a pie but it was awful. :P We had to eat it anyway, she had nothing else I could eat.

On Saturday I saw my dad and we were drinking and eating some sausage with fries in the urban village my brother has his new flat. It was fun, I had never been in there and it was a nice place. Nothing special or “fine” but nice the normal way. No damn yuppies. ;D I came home with bus, took almost 2 hours to get back home, there are not so many buses coming here at night. BUT on the way I saw something from the bus window that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and I must have had a broad smile on my face the rest of the drive. When such things happen I tend to smile like a nutcase. A MUST GO place whenever I’m around in daytime. It’s close to where my sister lives. I saw it once before but didn’t look close enough, but now the bus drove the way right next to it. REAL GUNS!!!!

Haven’t slept long enough lately, too busy and Maru has woken me up early, and several times a night of course. I can’t ignore him, have to stand up, check his toilet and give him food if he wants that. I just can’t continue sleeping when someone is meowing loud beside my bed. That means I’m pretty much going to bed now. Been here way too long, and in Face- sorry, Arsebook much longer. Checked my online bank and I still have some money left, but not much, barely enough I’d say, but I’m spending some days at my parents’ next week and don’t need to buy food then. And they pay my train tickets. Dad gave me some cash and it’s enough for next Monday when I see a friend in Helsinki. Thought it was today but was wrong. Gonna buy some paint and glue most likely, for model building. Need to get that started. :)

Have a nice week everybody!

2 Responses to “Summer comes…”

  1. Haha, well congrats on the award!! I will definitely look forward to having a nice week. I wish you the same as well :D You should let me know what type of dog you get, if you get one!

  2. Not in the near future, sadly. I can’t because of Maru. And I have not enough room here. But some time definitely! Not a small dog, rather a shepherd or other big dog. I might even get a pitbull. ;) I think some of them are really cute. Maru is a rescue cat so I think I could take also a rescue dog because they are those who need home the most.

    And it seems like it’s a nice week, sunny weather continues and I make tiny progress on some important things.

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