Every day is a fight


Have nothing to say, but someone came here with the search term “cutted wrists”. Even when that is written wrong as the verb “cut” has no other forms I’ve decided to give that person what he/she wants. Here you are, new pics from beginning of this week:

I’m not doing this because I especially enjoy it. It’s a fucking addiction. And I definitely HATE posting pics like this.

My dad came to see me today and brought my dirty carpets to mum to wash, and we were shopping and he bought me more than a weeks supply of food. I got money today and paid some bills and put money on my “food account”. Tomorrow I go buy some energy drinks, some ice cream and alcohol for the weekend. Maybe wine for tomorrow night and a couple of long drinks and flavoured vodka for Saturday when I go see some friends. I’ll decide when I’m in the shop.

But now I have something better to do than sit on computer: in the creative group we got a mandala to color and I have to get it started before I forget what I planned for it. Got a nice one, a bit gothic style with some stylized leaves, arcs and dots.

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