Every day is a fight

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The night follows

March 20, 2013

Again a crappy day behind me. Had that math test. Went OK I guess, only few questions I knew no answer – those that I should have learned the past two weeks but I did nothing so it’s a mystery. Next week starting the second course and I will have to do all the stuff […]


March 9, 2013

Lately, I seem to have a stronger connection to Seed again. He’s my best friend and we can talk about everything. Every night when I fall asleep he’s there beside me. And today in bus we had a long conversation. I had Reaver with me and apparently Reaver let Seed use him as a channel […]

I’m tired to fight

March 3, 2013

This a pic I drew sometimes around new year or Xmas. I’m fighting, still, but I’m tired. I can’t talk to anyone. If I talk to my therapist I get reported to police, I got no friends, no-one cares and I don’t care about them either. It’s so cold here, and inside of me. Hard […]