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Dark haze

July 22, 2013

Been days. In a sort of dark haze. Awake. Sleeping. Back hurts. No rest. I share my bed with my guns and it’s highly uncomfortable atm. I built a barricade to prevent me sleeping on my back. Isn’t really working. Get bruises on my ass and side thanks to parts of my M-16 clone but […]


July 12, 2013

Just a short note: I started a new blog for that teddy bear comic of mine, The Life And Times Of Juho And Ruusu. You can find the link in the sidebar under Other stuff. First ten pics are up. There are about 800 all in all. Will take some time to have them all […]

No one nothing is real

July 9, 2013

Nah it’s not only the sleep deprivation. I just feel horrible. Nothing makes sense. This is the second day. Been listening to music in incredible amounts, playing a bit, posting shit in Facebook, watching porn. Well, mostly just watching porn. Mostly Tumblr. 90%. The rest that stuff I already have saved. Manga, pics… I can […]

That piece of heaven – so close

July 4, 2013

Well the last time I wrote that little story of Oni, then I didn’t know what was to come two days later. After then I had no time to even consider writing anything. Too busy with guests and travels and interacting. But the good news (finally): I got a studying place!! I’ll be starting in […]