Every day is a fight

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Just keep walking

August 30, 2014

Things are better now. Easier, not so much stress. Blocking it out with music and reading whenever I can. Talk with people. Focus on working. Too tired to worry. Won’t help forever, but at least every week from Monday to Friday. Not much to tell about the work. Got no working clothes but can do […]

Storytime: Sitamar

August 18, 2014

She was born as the youngest daughter to a black fisherman. Sitamar had 6 siblings, 4 of them girls. Since early age she sat on the ground in front of the small shack, cleaning up the fish her father and older brothers caught, among her mother and sisters.. She didn’t learn to read or write, […]

When the sausage disappeared

August 15, 2014

Yea, a couple of days ago I woke up and came to living room and noticed those three small sausages I left on the table were gone. Someone was hungry at night. School has been extremely hard. Just sitting around listening to bullshit. I have constant panic and rage attacks that are triggered by anything […]