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Storytime: Camping

April 10, 2014

As long as I can remember my parents have always taken us camping. At first we only had the green tent, one as in the pic. It used to look so big inside, when I was 4 or 5 years old. It even had a little window. The construction was held up by two poles […]

Dark haze

July 22, 2013

Been days. In a sort of dark haze. Awake. Sleeping. Back hurts. No rest. I share my bed with my guns and it’s highly uncomfortable atm. I built a barricade to prevent me sleeping on my back. Isn’t really working. Get bruises on my ass and side thanks to parts of my M-16 clone but […]

Goodbye summer rose

May 22, 2013

My grandma Hilkka died this morning. Mum called me an hour ago. She told me already yesterday that her time was drawing near. We knew to wait this. When I was a kid I once wrote her a poem about a summer rose. I feel she was like one. Bright and sunny. The Alzheimer changed […]

Rainbow Country

May 11, 2013

Fallout just crashed again a bit less than an hour ago. Yesterday I finally got this weapon, the Xuanlong Assault Rifle, one of the unique weapons in the game. Xuanlong means black dragon. Screw it’s fragility, it’s still one of my favorite weapons along with “Little Moonbeam’s” 10mm SMG, combat shotgun and sniper rifle. Check […]

I watched you fall

April 11, 2013

No energy for any extras. I got the best grade (3) from physics, and 2 of the first course of math, but there’s whole lot to do before retiring to summer holiday. It turns out I’m not allowed to continue in the group I’m in now. Because I was missing 3 times. I didn’t know […]


March 9, 2013

Lately, I seem to have a stronger connection to Seed again. He’s my best friend and we can talk about everything. Every night when I fall asleep he’s there beside me. And today in bus we had a long conversation. I had Reaver with me and apparently Reaver let Seed use him as a channel […]

Vibrating waves of pale darkness

February 16, 2013

Ikatan Nuain, Ikatan Nuain, your voice is the harp of the sea. In the floods of darkness there is light where you go. Ikatan Nuain, Ikatan Nuain, your name is seagras’ whispering. Shining corals glory your name there where you go. Ikatan Nuain, Ikatan Nuain, your skin is pearls’ freshness. On the riffs shells open […]


January 2, 2013

Waiting for Fallout New Vegas to load. God this computer is slow. My ex wants a super security but is moaning about it being slow. Hey you can’t have both!! I’m having very mixed feelings about being here this time. I think this might have been a mistake. This is no more my home and […]

Today’s been a better day

December 9, 2012

I slept til 3pm after drinking 4 long drinks yesterday evening. Not really enough to make anyone drunk. But it relaxed my body and my back ain’t hurting so much anymore. Maru kept me awake at night, that’s why I slept so long. I moved my only LifeFic blog left to WordPress, see the link […]

All this pain

December 8, 2012

I wanna come back to blogging. I have so much inside me that I feel I’m gonna burst. Things I can’t share even with those friends I have learned to trust. Maybe I can blog about it? I will try. I will make this blog open again because I don’t wanna hide. I’m not always […]