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New blog: Home For Miah.

July 8, 2015

I started a new fiction blog in the LifeFic series. It’s a babylog and it’s called Home For Miah. It continues the story of the rather dysfunctional little family from Black Hole. The main character Billy is now taking care of a 1 month old baby girl and the blog is his diary about learning […]

Bread and cheese.

February 16, 2015

Because I’m too lazy to cook. I only have bread and cheese. :P But I’m in control of the money, made pretty good progress this year already. Of course I’m constantly worried about money and not having enough and not being able to pay bills or buy stuff. But I’m not wasting it all in […]

Storytime: Sitamar

August 18, 2014

She was born as the youngest daughter to a black fisherman. Sitamar had 6 siblings, 4 of them girls. Since early age she sat on the ground in front of the small shack, cleaning up the fish her father and older brothers caught, among her mother and sisters.. She didn’t learn to read or write, […]

Storytime: NaNoWriMo

March 4, 2014

You can find it here. I guess I found out about it while browsing blogs or message boards. I can’t recall. It’s a long while ago. My first taking part was 2005. Then followed 2006 and 2007. In 2005 I didn’t reach nearly 50,000 words, but was able to create an exceptional sci-fi story that […]

Storytime: Making love to the sound of the wind

December 30, 2013

Every night, before laying to sleep, the boy told his dad he loved him. In the old green house, in the bedroom under the roof where the sound of the wind never ceased, every night the dad pulled off his belt and beat up his son. Smiling when the boy tried to resist. It was […]

Vibrating waves of pale darkness

February 16, 2013

Ikatan Nuain, Ikatan Nuain, your voice is the harp of the sea. In the floods of darkness there is light where you go. Ikatan Nuain, Ikatan Nuain, your name is seagras’ whispering. Shining corals glory your name there where you go. Ikatan Nuain, Ikatan Nuain, your skin is pearls’ freshness. On the riffs shells open […]

I like my life

February 7, 2013

And the world around won’t stop turning tonight… I like. :3 Been busy once again. Today we had math (super easy) and made food. I got loads of food with me, gluten free. Maccheroni casserole and an original finnish cupcake type dessert called Runeberg’s cake. The guy who made mine made some mistakes though and […]

Today’s been a better day

December 9, 2012

I slept til 3pm after drinking 4 long drinks yesterday evening. Not really enough to make anyone drunk. But it relaxed my body and my back ain’t hurting so much anymore. Maru kept me awake at night, that’s why I slept so long. I moved my only LifeFic blog left to WordPress, see the link […]


June 28, 2012

I need to get my caffeine addiction and sleeplessness in control, and damn soon or I land into hospital again. I’m going to severe manic state, been awake good more than 30 hours now and not a tiny bit sleepy even when I haven’t had any caffeine since 7am. Been drinking average one 0,45l energy […]

The Versatile Blogger Award

March 21, 2012

Hi, once again. Some time ago I remembered I got this award from On Windy Days last year, and totally forgot to post about it. I thought I’d share it forward in my other blog, but won’t do so as I had another meme there short time ago. And it seems I don’t know many […]