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Love, devotion

March 26, 2014

22.3. Sick with caffeine and sugar withdrawal. Maybe I should just give in and make me a cup of coffee. It helps a bit. Need to eat too. Yes, coffee with lots of milk, the rest of my favourite bread, some yoghurt and a glas of self made juice from mum. I don’t usually make […]

…still there are changes

December 16, 2012

A good album from far behind in time. I discovered it the time I moved out of home and it marks as well a period in my life as my experience of “true love”, grief, deep pain and loss greater than anything yet. My body’s hurting, it was a long day. Partly fun, mostly tiring. […]

Oh happy day

August 6, 2012

It’s so relaxing. And so simple. Just hang some cheap beer cans into a tree, walk 15 metres away and shoot the cans. I would have staid there one more hour but the battery of my P90 got empty. I cursed myself for not taking the second battery with me as well. One can was […]

I’ll do anything to nurture and protect you my love…

July 28, 2012

Yup. I actually did it. I didn’t have the time and because of that I was too late to buy me new pants (damn me for that), BUT I got new information, a nice chat and was in heaven for those 30 mins. Candyshop visit. ^^ Still on my way home after midnight I was […]

I’ll dig the internet for you

July 23, 2012

Just advertising my Facebook page!!! Like and share, I’m trying to reach 30 likes and have only 17. The Girl Who Sold Her Soul I update almost or every day. NOTE: it’s gore, ero guro, crime, fun and offensive stuff I post. If you like those you’re welcome to like and share and post your […]

Avoiding encounter [Fallout New Vegas spoiler alert]

July 19, 2012

I had to encounter some of my worst fears today, but I couldn’t. I turned and walked away. I can’t fucking go into that place!! I die of shock if I do!! So what if it’s only in game and just pixels on screen, it’s horrendous!! Plants are NOT pretty, not when they are mutated, […]


June 28, 2012

I need to get my caffeine addiction and sleeplessness in control, and damn soon or I land into hospital again. I’m going to severe manic state, been awake good more than 30 hours now and not a tiny bit sleepy even when I haven’t had any caffeine since 7am. Been drinking average one 0,45l energy […]

Mineral water

June 15, 2012

Is what I have to drink now every day if possible. Kalium & magnesium & salt balance is off. Today I bought a big bottle, but can only afford the cheapest of all (Bonaqua from Coca Cola). And this is because every day when it’s warm now in summer I feel constantly dizzy and sometimes […]

Summer comes…

May 28, 2012

That means many warm nights spent outside doing different kind of things. That is what it should mean at least. I should not just sit inside at computer. :P Found a great website today: Allycat Metal Ware. ;) Go check it out! Full of cool stuff to spend money on! But I spent money on […]

Babel fish

April 14, 2012

I need one to put in my ear. Cause I now have not 3 languages to deal with, but 4. Finnish, german, british and american english. Talking with brits I use british way of writing words, with americans the american way. Got a new friend on Facebook. He talks a bit fast. I can type […]