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Message to the world

September 24, 2011

Nothing, just wanted to share a link: And by the way, why are we calling the third world countries “developing countries”? Think about it from another point of view: aren’t those countries actually perfect? They are what all countries should be. They make progress. The world should not stand still, it was meant to […]

War business pt 1

July 8, 2011

NOTE 1: This is only my way of thinking and my opinion, I don’t want to force anyone to think this way. You can be as offended as you like but I also have the full rights to remove any comment I don’t want to have here. Constructive comments will come through and I won’t […]

Not good. Not good at all.

July 8, 2011

It seems to get worse every day. Or better every night. Today I kept myself in doing something (OK, I mostly read The life and times of Uncle Scrooge 2), slept late anyway, washed laundry and dried it in drying room. Made up a meeting with the personal of this house on Saturday. I have […]