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Let me give you a hand.

July 9, 2016

This year’s been hell so far. But here I am still. 6 am, after a long night enjoying a game, drinking energy drink, Maru sleeping next to me on my new couch. Morning sun reaches the bushes in front of the balcony. Stay quiet, don’t move, then maybe the heat is bearable. I’ve been unstable […]

Your house is your garden.

October 24, 2013

In which you cultivate your feelings and what you give to others and yourself. If you feed your garden with good karma it’ll flourish and bloom and everyone will love to visit you and be your friend. If you feed it with bad karma it’ll suck out your life energy and disturb or scare visitors. […]

Dark haze

July 22, 2013

Been days. In a sort of dark haze. Awake. Sleeping. Back hurts. No rest. I share my bed with my guns and it’s highly uncomfortable atm. I built a barricade to prevent me sleeping on my back. Isn’t really working. Get bruises on my ass and side thanks to parts of my M-16 clone but […]

That piece of heaven – so close

July 4, 2013

Well the last time I wrote that little story of Oni, then I didn’t know what was to come two days later. After then I had no time to even consider writing anything. Too busy with guests and travels and interacting. But the good news (finally): I got a studying place!! I’ll be starting in […]

Storytime: Oni

June 11, 2013

Story time! Was that desk standing in living room? No. In my brother’s room? No. I can’t recall. It must have been in the small hallway on the top of the staircase. My new room didn’t exist yet. There was just a cold attic where I used to play with my sister. I slept downstairs […]

The man called Jeebus who walked in a swimming pool with 1cm water depth

June 1, 2013

Decided to post a little piece of shit. Some pics, music, stuff. My head is overloaded and I feel pretty bad right now. Been restless for weeks, can’t really sleep or rest, heavy allergy and caffeine withdrawal. Today we had the school ending ceremony. Boring as hell, as usual, but afterwards long talks with class […]

Rainbow Country

May 11, 2013

Fallout just crashed again a bit less than an hour ago. Yesterday I finally got this weapon, the Xuanlong Assault Rifle, one of the unique weapons in the game. Xuanlong means black dragon. Screw it’s fragility, it’s still one of my favorite weapons along with “Little Moonbeam’s” 10mm SMG, combat shotgun and sniper rifle. Check […]

The night follows

March 20, 2013

Again a crappy day behind me. Had that math test. Went OK I guess, only few questions I knew no answer – those that I should have learned the past two weeks but I did nothing so it’s a mystery. Next week starting the second course and I will have to do all the stuff […]


March 9, 2013

Lately, I seem to have a stronger connection to Seed again. He’s my best friend and we can talk about everything. Every night when I fall asleep he’s there beside me. And today in bus we had a long conversation. I had Reaver with me and apparently Reaver let Seed use him as a channel […]

I like my life

February 7, 2013

And the world around won’t stop turning tonight… I like. :3 Been busy once again. Today we had math (super easy) and made food. I got loads of food with me, gluten free. Maccheroni casserole and an original finnish cupcake type dessert called Runeberg’s cake. The guy who made mine made some mistakes though and […]