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Mineral water

June 15, 2012

Is what I have to drink now every day if possible. Kalium & magnesium & salt balance is off. Today I bought a big bottle, but can only afford the cheapest of all (Bonaqua from Coca Cola). And this is because every day when it’s warm now in summer I feel constantly dizzy and sometimes […]

Summer comes…

May 28, 2012

That means many warm nights spent outside doing different kind of things. That is what it should mean at least. I should not just sit inside at computer. :P Found a great website today: Allycat Metal Ware. ;) Go check it out! Full of cool stuff to spend money on! But I spent money on […]

…feel you in the wind

March 26, 2012

It’s there again. Outside of my window, inside my head. My living atm is “macgyverish”, I use my SOG Pup to cut bread and spread butter on it, to open boxes, to cut anything food or not food, to eat. I have no spoons, not even plastic ones clean, and only plastic forks that suck. […]

We can rise above them all

October 20, 2011

Three cups of sort-of-coffee, in a row. One after another. Within 4 hours though. Got a release of stress, pretty nice. Still my mind is completely mixed up. That “thing with Ari” hit me again last night when going to bed. Not the stuff I talked yesterday. This is different and a lot stronger. Although […]

Keep talking

October 8, 2011

It’s getting worse. Must avoid being out when it’s dark. Succesful in that this week, but have the increasing need to go out. Some days I don’t even open the balcony door after dark. Should concentrate on internet today. Had to quit watching Criminal minds in the middle today, it got me too involved. Have […]

I need a place to hide

September 21, 2011

19.9.2011 Place to hide. I need one. I dream about such every now and then, lately several times. It’s a large room in an abandoned building, maybe school or factory. Dusty, full of dirt, old cloth or curtain on the wall or at the windows. It’s dark, windows are dirty, it’s smelling like an old, […]

Call me Santa Muerte

September 12, 2011

AND DON’T YOU SHOW ME ANY FUCKING PICTURES OF FOOD OR I KILL YOU!! This means: a couple of hours it went all well on sedatives when I took it in time, and now I begin to fall straight down, fast and endless. Today: new medication changes. Again. Next Tuesday lab, next Friday first time […]

Project Colourful ver. 1

September 11, 2011

Just came here to post this. Made the pics yesterday and put them together today. Have to do this again later propably as now I can’t change the background color anymore. :P Also, I get back to this when I have time, but this week was fully booked and next week is too. Happy beginning […]