Every day is a fight

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Rainbow Country

May 11, 2013

Fallout just crashed again a bit less than an hour ago. Yesterday I finally got this weapon, the Xuanlong Assault Rifle, one of the unique weapons in the game. Xuanlong means black dragon. Screw it’s fragility, it’s still one of my favorite weapons along with “Little Moonbeam’s” 10mm SMG, combat shotgun and sniper rifle. Check […]

I’m tired to fight

March 3, 2013

This a pic I drew sometimes around new year or Xmas. I’m fighting, still, but I’m tired. I can’t talk to anyone. If I talk to my therapist I get reported to police, I got no friends, no-one cares and I don’t care about them either. It’s so cold here, and inside of me. Hard […]

Hai sie, ostat sie hyv√§ hevoise?

January 28, 2013

In the beginning of every blog stands a mountain of junk comments. That refers to Darkness over day. The title is from a finnish comic book that made fun of different shows and artists of pop culture. That one was from Dallas. Wish I had it, is always good for lots of laughs and me […]

All this pain

December 8, 2012

I wanna come back to blogging. I have so much inside me that I feel I’m gonna burst. Things I can’t share even with those friends I have learned to trust. Maybe I can blog about it? I will try. I will make this blog open again because I don’t wanna hide. I’m not always […]

i want to disappear

May 17, 2012

pain and fear in my heart. i have no soul left. dreams are no escape. sleep doesn’t bring peace. a person important to me deleted his Facebook account. i’ve got no email, nothing to find him again. he was the other reason to stay there. now only one is left, and i’m not sure if […]

I’m so sorry

April 1, 2012

Talked a bit with A, it made me happy he was on, but it made me sad too that he’s not feeling well. It’s better for him to rest now and recharge, and hopefully his pains get better during sleep. But the little talk just left me even more lonely than I was before. I […]

“The clouds above moves closer

October 1, 2011

…looking so dissatisfied, and the ground below grew colder, as they put you down inside. But the heartless wind kept blowing, blowing…” Sitate of the day from Linkin Park, the song Valentine’s day. Sad. :/ Still, here are some photos as a memory of the gone summer. A rainy day in Sapokka park in Kotka. […]

I need a place to hide

September 21, 2011

19.9.2011 Place to hide. I need one. I dream about such every now and then, lately several times. It’s a large room in an abandoned building, maybe school or factory. Dusty, full of dirt, old cloth or curtain on the wall or at the windows. It’s dark, windows are dirty, it’s smelling like an old, […]

I’m stuck

July 5, 2011

Feel like my whole life is stuck. Can’t move forward in the direction I want to, miss the area I spent my childhood in, feel lost and alone. I might have told about this in my last post, just can’t remember. I’m closing my Facebook-account from all those “friends” I have there. In future I […]