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Bamboo blinds.

July 14, 2016

And how the light drips through them like thin rain. Leaves are all white from the sun. The wind never ceases. Pine needles shimmer and change color, everything moves. Always moves. Never stops. Winds blow from the sea always fresh and cool. Red brick houses only look like home here, high up north. This light […]

Can’t. Can? Can!

December 20, 2014

Let’s see how long I stand listening to this. Actually I started to feel pretty uncomfortable during the first song. *shiver* Wrote a long post to Forgotten Shores. Go check it out. Sorry for typing errors. I’m butterfingers. But a healthier butterfingers now, even when the damn blood test results were shitty. The cuts are […]

Today’s been a better day

December 9, 2012

I slept til 3pm after drinking 4 long drinks yesterday evening. Not really enough to make anyone drunk. But it relaxed my body and my back ain’t hurting so much anymore. Maru kept me awake at night, that’s why I slept so long. I moved my only LifeFic blog left to WordPress, see the link […]

The Versatile Blogger Award

March 21, 2012

Hi, once again. Some time ago I remembered I got this award from On Windy Days last year, and totally forgot to post about it. I thought I’d share it forward in my other blog, but won’t do so as I had another meme there short time ago. And it seems I don’t know many […]

Lift off

January 26, 2012

How could it be wrong to enjoy something this beautiful? Just listen to this music and watch all this war happening. Who said war can’t be beautiful? It is. Stop. Look around. It is. — My SEALs knife arrived today and I got it from post office. I love it. Propably no surprise… I spent […]

Message to the world

September 24, 2011

Nothing, just wanted to share a link: And by the way, why are we calling the third world countries “developing countries”? Think about it from another point of view: aren’t those countries actually perfect? They are what all countries should be. They make progress. The world should not stand still, it was meant to […]

Norway, now in HD

July 24, 2011

THIS IS NOT FUN. I DON’T mean to offend anyone. Just my opinion to this one more shitty reason to move out of Earth into some other planet. If this stuff doesn’t make a sense blaim it on my cat and 2NE1. 1. I do not accept terror with ANY excuse. 2. But I don’t […]

I’m stuck

July 5, 2011

Feel like my whole life is stuck. Can’t move forward in the direction I want to, miss the area I spent my childhood in, feel lost and alone. I might have told about this in my last post, just can’t remember. I’m closing my Facebook-account from all those “friends” I have there. In future I […]