Every day is a fight

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Empty deserts of tearless nights

March 13, 2017

Awake with the painful memories or trapped into endless nightmares. I can’t fall asleep cause all I can think of is her, lying in the hospital bed, dying. At some point I fall into a chem induced sleep that is no sleep, it’s walking from one terrible scene to another, not finding a way out […]

Dark haze

July 22, 2013

Been days. In a sort of dark haze. Awake. Sleeping. Back hurts. No rest. I share my bed with my guns and it’s highly uncomfortable atm. I built a barricade to prevent me sleeping on my back. Isn’t really working. Get bruises on my ass and side thanks to parts of my M-16 clone but […]

I watched you fall

April 11, 2013

No energy for any extras. I got the best grade (3) from physics, and 2 of the first course of math, but there’s whole lot to do before retiring to summer holiday. It turns out I’m not allowed to continue in the group I’m in now. Because I was missing 3 times. I didn’t know […]