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September 24, 2015

The last 20 minutes there have been 4 vehicles with sirens passing the main street. There are a lot of them here. I hear some almost every day. Always coming from north and heading to the sea. In my old place I heard them only during holidays and when it was very hot, there was […]


January 21, 2012

Voting time. (Tomorrow.) In times like this I feel like I’m in the world behind the Matrix and everybody else is living in the fake Matrix. And they don’t realize it! It’s just a giant bubblebath of entertainment that was created to keep them silent and satisfied as they have no idea it’s all just […]

Something is coming this way

December 2, 2011

This just a short note, I’m dead tired, two first school days behind me. Sorry for the crazy stuff lately. I’ve calmed down by now. Instead I’m going to write again some politics next. Something I talked with my dad last Saturday. He said it’s a great idea and that means a lot to me. […]

Bi toe emshab (second try)

November 2, 2011

(That’s a song by Behnam Safavi.) (Second try because I had written a long and energy drink -fuelled post about all possible things mainly relationship and interior design related – and then Maru FUCKING MANAGED TO DELETE THE WHOLE SHIT. I’m angry, but tired angry. Can’t change it anyway so it’s no use to yell […]

I need a place to hide

September 21, 2011

19.9.2011 Place to hide. I need one. I dream about such every now and then, lately several times. It’s a large room in an abandoned building, maybe school or factory. Dusty, full of dirt, old cloth or curtain on the wall or at the windows. It’s dark, windows are dirty, it’s smelling like an old, […]

Norway, now in HD

July 24, 2011

THIS IS NOT FUN. I DON’T mean to offend anyone. Just my opinion to this one more shitty reason to move out of Earth into some other planet. If this stuff doesn’t make a sense blaim it on my cat and 2NE1. 1. I do not accept terror with ANY excuse. 2. But I don’t […]

War business pt 1

July 8, 2011

NOTE 1: This is only my way of thinking and my opinion, I don’t want to force anyone to think this way. You can be as offended as you like but I also have the full rights to remove any comment I don’t want to have here. Constructive comments will come through and I won’t […]

Not good. Not good at all.

July 8, 2011

It seems to get worse every day. Or better every night. Today I kept myself in doing something (OK, I mostly read The life and times of Uncle Scrooge 2), slept late anyway, washed laundry and dried it in drying room. Made up a meeting with the personal of this house on Saturday. I have […]