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Tori no Hito.

May 31, 2015

That’s…fitting. I’m listening to a Joe Hisaishi concert again and it’s 3:20am. There’s a song in NausicaƤ of The Valley of The Wind called Bird Person. I was seeing my parents this week and read that book Birdy almost completely. I sat on my bed and read over 4 hours straight without a break. Since […]

Love, devotion

March 26, 2014

22.3. Sick with caffeine and sugar withdrawal. Maybe I should just give in and make me a cup of coffee. It helps a bit. Need to eat too. Yes, coffee with lots of milk, the rest of my favourite bread, some yoghurt and a glas of self made juice from mum. I don’t usually make […]

Storytime: NaNoWriMo

March 4, 2014

You can find it here. I guess I found out about it while browsing blogs or message boards. I can’t recall. It’s a long while ago. My first taking part was 2005. Then followed 2006 and 2007. In 2005 I didn’t reach nearly 50,000 words, but was able to create an exceptional sci-fi story that […]